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The dual core of WEEDUP®

WEEDUP® Bologna Store: Concept Store/Atelier since its inception, that joins two worlds apparently distant from each other: Cannabis in all its forms and art in its many expressions.

A unique Art Gallery that gives space to emerging and famous artists, both national and international, ranging from visual to figurative arts.

Below you can see a preview of the works of the artists currently displayed in our gallery.



A young multifaceted artist of Spanish origin, coming from a family of artist, she has always been passionate about sculpture and painting. She attended the Academy of Design Artium Peña in Madrid, with a degree in Applied Arts to Sculpture, focusing on stone and metal. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Compultense in Madrid and then she moved to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna to end her study cycle with a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts. In recent years she has taken part in various exhibitions, residencies, symposia and competitions in Spain, Italy and Croatia.

Physiologic Love
“Representation of the emotional motions of the human soul in comparison with actual reality. From this point of view, these three works show in a visceral way, the strong influence that certain events or feelings have on our lives, leaving a real trace in our body and in our psyche. With a minimalistic interpretation, the works represent an analogy of growth. Works shaped on human figures, which find their real form in the matter of which they are composed, an hybrid between reality and raw truth.


Do It – Talk It – React It

The artist is part of the Italian emerging scene, with a background that comes from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. He works mainly with painting, giving us a different reading about the world of entertainment from the nineties to the present. Together with other artists, he founded the brand Italia90, specialized in clothes and accessories customization. His exhibitions include Dark Fantasy from Comodo64 in Turin (June 2017); Voce! from Kspaces in Turin (May 2018). His work is represented by GSF Contemporary Art Torino.

“The legalization of marijuana and the media proliferation it finds in social platforms go hand in hand with a very strong awareness of this product. The huge strength of social networks is hidden in the simplicity of a direct language that does not take itself too seriously and deals with delicate speeches, with a goliardic and simple language (MEME). These works represent a brief moment of daily life of the rapstar Wiz Khalifa, found parked in his car while he was rolling a joint. The video, which is available on YouTube, shows the rapper who, after being attacked by paparazzi, gives handfuls of marijuana to the assailants as if they were candies, an innocent vice. The works represent therefore three situations of the same event, “Do It” where the act of giving marijuana to passers-by takes place, an emblematic moment in art history that takes us back to the gesture of “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo; “Talk It” a balloon with the rapper’s words and “React It” where, the lightning-fast and hallucinated situation is described with a popular MEME, a moment consumed in a matter of minutes.


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Would you like to have your personal exhibition at WEEDUP®?

WEEDUP® is aware of how important it is for both emerging and famous artist to be able to show their works to as many people as possible, and it is for this reason that we offer you the opportunity to express your creativity in out Art Gallery in the historic center of Bologna, together with an important online platform.

If you are interested in making your works known, you can contact us directly at You will receive further information on how to submit the works for evaluation and possible inclusion in our Art Gallery.

Each request is carefully evaluated by the owners of the Store, ensuring a short-time feedback. There are no limitations: all categories will be taken into consideration, from visual to figurative arts, nothing excluded.

Our sole aim is to promote new figures within the contemporary artistic panorama.

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