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The dual core of WEEDUP®

WEEDUP® Bologna Store: Concept Store/Atelier since its inception, that joins two worlds apparently distant from each other: Cannabis in all its forms and art in its many expressions.

A unique Art Gallery that gives space to emerging and famous artists, both national and international, ranging from visual to figurative arts.

Below you can see a preview of the works of the artists currently displayed in our gallery.


Zoe Muratori was born in Bologna on September 24, 1993, and graduated in Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. A polyhedric artist, she goes beyond the forms of classical graphics and experiments with new expressive languages through the contamination of photographic, sculptural, pictorial and art installations. In 2017 she exhibited at the Forni art gallery with the theme “visions in comparison” of photographic landscapes printed on tissue paper surmounted by a series of blind spots on plexiglas entitled “Fragments” proposed at the Morandi Prize 2016/2017. She is a member of the Biennium of Graphic Art and exhibits at the collective exhibition of the Di Paolo art gallery in the exhibition “Astratto Policromo”. For the Botanical Garden of Bologna takes part in the exhibition “Del discorso naturale” exhibiting art books and some prints. He realizes Framework thought for the With Night and realized at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. Winner of the call IN FACTORY II edition 2018 proposed by Philip Morris Manufacturing & Technology Bologna s.p.a., sees the realization of his work on the walls of the factory

Digital spaghetti

“I wanted to enrich my recipe book by cooking a series of spaghetti to digital sauce experimental.”Triptych of zinc engravings made with the use of toner, seasoned with aquatints and shaped Japanese paper bottoms; one dyed with a carmine red to give more taste. each cut is flavoured with a monotype that recalls the idea of container, able to collect the engraved spaghetti.


Opera Immaginarius Bononia alla digitale dell'artista Zoe Muratori

Antonello Apollonio was born in Lecce, after high school he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he graduated in Graphic Art and is graduating in the specialty of Decoration for Architecture. After arriving in Bologna, in addition to solo projects, he collaborated with several Bolognese artists who introduced him to the graphic and decorative world. At this time his personal artistic process led him to create large works with wires and nails, freeing himself from traditional techniques to try to break the usual patterns and trying to find alternative connections, with a look towards the past, through the way of working typical of the craftsman.

Imaginarius Bononia

“The architectural imagination in recent years has been enriched more and more by less narrow constructions in reality, leading the observer and the observation towards mental images. This abstraction of space finds its definition in “architectural imagery”: the place of the mind in which space has no boundaries, no physical laws, in which stories, social perspectives and intersubjective fantasies are projected, in fact, this historical and artistic moment is undergoing a real change of direction, which even leads the objectivity of the physical thing, of construction, towards an abstraction.The visual arts fully interweave with the Architectural Imaginary and produce an unexpected effect in the observer. it comes out a composite mental image that brings from the depths of ourselves, from our fantasies, from our unconscious, a mental and material map through the traces of memory: an inner place.

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Would you like to have your personal exhibition at WEEDUP®?

WEEDUP® is aware of how important it is for both emerging and famous artist to be able to show their works to as many people as possible, and it is for this reason that we offer you the opportunity to express your creativity in out Art Gallery in the historic center of Bologna, together with an important online platform.

If you are interested in making your works known, you can contact us directly at [email protected]. You will receive further information on how to submit the works for evaluation and possible inclusion in our Art Gallery.

Each request is carefully evaluated by the owners of the Store, ensuring a short-time feedback. There are no limitations: all categories will be taken into consideration, from visual to figurative arts, nothing excluded.

Our sole aim is to promote new figures within the contemporary artistic panorama.

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